• Reach For The Future 2016 – Junior High

    Each year Butte County puts on the Reach for the Future conference for Junior High students from all over the country. This video shows what it’s all about.

  • Reach For The Future 2016 – High School

    Each Year Butte County puts on the Reach for the Future conference. This video shows what it’s all about.

  • Butte County, Athlete Committed 2015

    The Athlete Committed Event is put on each year by the Butte County Behavioral Health Department. This event teaches personal health, both mentally and physically.

  • NAAEE Cal Water H20 Challenge

    On April 2nd, 2015, Shasta Elementary school won a state wide water saving competition that was hosted by Cal Water and the non-profit organization, the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

  • Butte County, Reach For The Future 2015

    Each year, Butte County Department of Behavioral Health Prevention Department hosts conferences to support students in Northern California. We were chosen to create a film showing what this event is all about.

  • Build.com – Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucet

    Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucet product review done for Build.com Cinematography and Editing by Paul Hildebrandt

  • Tyent Alkaline Water – Tom House Testimonial Video

    Testimonial video shot with Dr. Tom House, throwing coach for major league NFL and MLB players.

  • Real Estate Video – Bucks Lake Cabin

    Real Estate Film for Impact California Properties, showcasing a beautiful cabin in Bucks Lake, CA.

  • Paul Hildebrandt Cinematography Demo Reel

    As a cinematographer I always put the maximum amount of effort into creating the images I show. The job of manipulating light and shadow, framing the right picture on the screen and making sure that timing is just… Read More

  • Doritos Commercial Spec – “Day Of The Dorito”

    “Day of the Dorito” was a commercial we created for the annual “Crash The Superbowl” contest hosted by Frito-Lay. Our comedy zombie commercial was a lot of fun to shoot and we were able to pull off a… Read More

  • Real Estate Video – Nelson Bar Valley Ranch

    Real Estate film done for Impact California Properties, shot in the Nelson Bar Valley.

  • Enter The Detective – Short Film

    “Enter the Detective”Enter the Detective is a short film crafted for the Canon/Vimeo “Story Beyond The Still” project, in which a photographer presents a still image to a film director and that director must interpret that photo into… Read More

  • Airsoft – Browns Valley

    “Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns.” Diamond Corp / Butte County Regional Airsoft Music provided by Songfreedom.com Used with permission.

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson – National Space Symposium

    Keynote speech given at the 28th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO. Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks about space as culture and why NASA is good for the nation, not just as an economic driver, but as a… Read More