Chico Airport Revenue Guarantee Fund Video

For the past several years, City of Chico has been working on a plan to open Chico Airport to Commercial Air Service. We were delighted to be chosen to produce a video to promote a portion of this project called the “Revenue Guarantee Fund” which is part of the essential process of bringing a commercial airline to our airport.

I was excited to have been flown in a Cessna 172 above the city to film the area and the airport.
Additionally, multiple interviews, several days of shooting at the airport on the tarmac and around the area both on the ground and in the air with our drone was used to bring this project to life.

Check it out on Vimeo here:

City of Chico – ADU Video #2

As part of an on-going project with the City of Chico, we’ve created another video promoting their ADU program.
This great program offers plans for small houses called ADUs which people can build in their backyard and use for rental or family use.

Over the course of two years I followed the progress of Seth & Lauren building their ADU almost all by themselves.
Video 3 will be released soon which will show off the completely finished house.

Check it out here:


City of Chico – Pavement Preservation

The City of Chico’s new “Pavement Preservation Program” is a great solution to our local pavement problems. By partnering with California State University, Chico, the City of Chico is able to leverage new student talent and the latest in mapping and planning technology to lay out a 10 year plan to repair all the roads in the City of Chico. I was very excited to work on this project with City of Chico and look forward to further partnerships with them in the future.

Vettx – Chico Business Video

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work on a new video advertising initiative for a new technology company here in Chico named Vettx. –

Vettx is an exciting new automotive startup company that is changing the way auto dealerships buy cars. The result is better for consumers and dealers all around and i’m excited that I’ve been able to work with the talented team at Vettx.
As a sample of some of the content I’ve created with their team is a company profile video, an employee recruiting video, and several small videos for their social media campaigns. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to work with Vettx on their brand building campaign and look forward to watching their company grow!

In creating the many videos we did with Vettx, many different creative video techniques were used including interviews, teleprompter use, and aerial video.

Check out the videos below:

Greg & Kristin Wedding Highlights Film – 5.2.18

One of my all time favorite weddings, Greg and Kristen were married near Mt. Lassen California. A magical venue with a view that does not compare. This couple really wanted a film that told their story, the story of their day, and I was honored to have been chosen by them to make that happen.