Eventide Visuals Film Production


Eventide Visuals, Inc is a video production and photography business located in Chico, California.

Eventide Visuals is owned and operated by Paul Hildebrandt.

Paul Hildebrandt

Paul is a local Chico boy who graduated from Pleasant Valley High School. He showed an interest in computers, video, and photography from an early age. Paul began working as an IT administrator while he was finishing high school and has been working for that company ever since. He also participated in film classes in high school and in college where he made many small motion pictures. In 2008, Paul began making films for small film contests. In May of 2010, one of Paul’s movies was selected by Hollywood directors who have worked on television shows and movies such as 24 and Terminator. Paul is very passionate about film and works hard to make his productions perfect!

Our Beliefs

Wedding Cinematography has evolved since the beginning of home video. No longer is it just your crazy uncle running around with a camcorder asking silly questions and recording jittery bad quality images. Advancements in digital technology now allow us to capture every moment in clear high definition video. But while these advancements are great, not just anyone can pick up a camera and shoot. We strive to bring cinematic art to your wedding in a way you will never forget.

Your day is the most important day of your life and when you have finally completed your planning, assembled your guests, and picked your vendors; You will say “I do”, cut your cake, listen to the speeches, dance under the stars and then it will be over faster than you can blink. We allow you to relive that moment forever.

We believe that your Wedding is not just a recording but a feature film. We will capture it as such with all the glamor of Hollywood. We will not merely sit on the sidelines and record the event. We will integrate ourselves into your event and become part of it, while remaining discreet. We will capture the most out of your wedding without becoming obtrusive.

Selected Clients

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