Why you need a Wedding Video

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life. Pictures are great, but they don’t move, and you can’t hear them. A Wedding Video will allow you to relive your special day as it happened, told with the cinematic style of your favorite movie.

You will regret not having one

Speaking from experience and stories from many brides, if you don’t get a wedding film you will regret it forever. For many people, your wedding may be the only party that you throw, and the only event that is completely about you and no one else. Think about that, you have this singular day completely devoted to your love and happiness. Wouldn’t you want to have it in living color for you to relive when ever you want?

It’s future proof

With the speed technology is advancing, many experts predict that you may not have pictures hanging on your wall in 10 to 20 years. You will have a video screen hanging on your wall playing clips from your wedding. This may seem a little strange now, but so did television shows when many people were listening to programs on the radio with no picture at all.

3 Comments on “Why you need a Wedding Video

  1. I really like what was said about how you will never regret having a wedding video. My wife and I didn’t hire a videographer to document our wedding and we really regret it. My advice: Don’t even think about it! Just hire a videographer!

  2. We are a new videography startup in TN and we came across your blog. Thank you for being straightforward. Yes, a wedding may be the only time a large party is all about you. A wedding video will preserve those memories. Made me think about my own wedding. Our videographer did an amazing job and my husband and I are so thankful we included a wedding video in our budget.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, your wedding is one of the most important event in your life and it does deserve to be preserve in a video. Pictures are beautiful, and you should also have those, but a moving clip can capture more moments indeed. It’s interesting that in the next 10 or 20 years, instead of picture frames hanging on our wall, we’ll be hanging video screen instead, I think this is totally the direction we are moving forward to.

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