“Eventide visuals did the video for my wedding on 6/19/11Melinda and Paul were both SO wonderful to work with. As a long distance bride (planning my Redding, CA wedding from San Diego) I really appreciated that they were so easy to communicate with (almost always same day email responses) and they were really flexible about meeting with me around my limited schedule. They paid attention to all of the details that were important to me and ensured that we were on the same page about the details before the day of the event. They are a lot of FUN to work with too, and ALL of my vendors enjoyed working with them!I feel in love with the highlight video they did (which was available to view less than a week after the wedding if I recall) and the final product was in my hands within 6 weeks I believe – much quicker than what I hear from most! I was very happy with the turnaround time! The long video captured everything I wanted. They even stayed to the very end to capture our special moment leaving (in my husband’s Bronco that he loves)!I don’t have a single negative thing to say about them. You are crazy if you don’t work with them, especially since they are so reasonably priced. EVERYONE complimented their work and wanted to know how I found them!”
“Melinda & Paul did the video for my daughter’s wedding & they were amazing. The quality of their video speaks for itself, but what I would like to share is how this was all captured without hardly realizing video was being shot.Paul & Melinda just blended into the event & never put demands on the evening so they could “get their shot”. Even though they only met with Shawn & Mark for a short time, the opening of their video, with the Priest speaking about marriage, completely expressed Shawn & Mark’s quiet faith they share and the seriousness with which they entered marriage.You can’t go wrong with using Eventide Visuals.”
“To be honest, when we were planning our wedding, the last thought on our minds was “OH MY! who should be hire to shoot our wedding video??!!” . We were more concerned with the more traditional check list items such as food, music, photographer, attire and most importantly, “is there going to be enough money to cover it all?”. So if your anything like us, a wedding video falls short on the list.If I could of foreseen the end result of the video that Paul and Melinda shot of our special day, a wedding video would have been on the very TOP of our check list. After viewing our video I was speechless. It was more than I could of ever asked for. The fairy tale image of my wedding day that I had been holding on to since I was a child was caught on video and was mine to watch any time I wanted to.Paul and Melinda were professional and very hard working. Paul made sure that he didn’t miss a single shot! and believe me, he really didn’t! and Melinda didn’t just help Paul, she helped the entire bridal party, the Dj, caterer and our photographer to make sure they all worked together to get the job done as smoothly as possible.There’s not one wedding video that Paul and Melinda have done that hasn’t brought tears to my eyes. I promise you that if you view any of the wedding video clips on their website, tears will be brought to your eyes as well. Every time I hear that someone is getting married I make sure to always tell them, “You have got to hire Eventide Visuals to do a video for you! They are unbelievable!”, take my word for it, YOU WONT REGRET IT!”