Technical Information

If you are interested in the technical and creative aspect of what we do, you may enjoy the following article.

At Eventide Visuals, we are always diligently working to stay up to date with the latest technology and creative trends in today’s video world. As well as adding our own creative style and touch to every project we do. Know that we take inspiration from the world’s greatest artists and directors.

Currently we shoot our video with DSLRs. A DSLR is large format digital still camera.
You ask why do we shoot video with a still camera? The answer is because of the large sensor or “chip” that actually takes in the image and light; is so much larger on DSLRs than it is on conventional video cameras. Newer DSLRs have the technology integrated in them to record video at the appropriate speed and settings that it really makes them the perfect camera for what we do.
To put it into perspective, the video sensor in the DSLR is roughly the same size as a 35mm movie camera, which is what your favorite hollywood blockbuster is shot with.

DSLRs have already been used to film scenes from TV shows such as “24”, “Saturday Night Live” and were also used to film an entire episde of the TV show “House”. In addition to Television work, DSLR’s are now the choice camera for Independent film makers, and have been tested to major extent by George Lucas for use in his upcoming film about a World War II fighter squadron.

As mentioned on our About Us page, we believe that Wedding Videos are not merely videos. But a story, your own blockbuster movie just waiting for you to sit back and enjoy!

But remember that behind all the fancy equipment, the High Definition 1080p picture, DSLR’s and Stereo 5.1 surround sound. It’s the director that makes it happen. Let us help you make your event come to life. We promise you that we will always do our very best and put forth 100% of our talent, time, and equipment to make your video a special one. Thanks for reading!

Paul Hildebrandt
Owner, Eventide Visuals