Tyent Alkaline Water – Tom House Testimonial Video

Testimonial video shot with Dr. Tom House, throwing coach for major league NFL and MLB players.

Real Estate Video – Bucks Lake Cabin

Real Estate Film for Impact California Properties, showcasing a beautiful cabin in Bucks Lake, CA.

Redding Wedding Videography – Andy + Jenelle – 5.31.14

Andy & Jenelle were married in Redding California on May 31st, 2014. This peaceful location and beatiful day in redding, coupled with Andy & Jenelle’s great attitudes and love for each other all lead to a great wedding day! Music provided by The Music Bed.

Chico Wedding Videography – Amy + Drake – 6.21.14

Amy and Drake were married on June 21st, 2014 at their lovely home in Orland, CA. This couple’s love and commitment to each other and this fantastic location in Orland made this the perfect wedding. The natural Orland wilderness behind their house was a perfect location for the June sunset and provided us with some fantastic video opportunities. Photography was done by Rachel White.

Paul Hildebrandt Cinematography Demo Reel

As a cinematographer I always put the maximum amount of effort into creating the images I show. The job of manipulating light and shadow, framing the right picture on the screen and making sure that timing is just right is all part of the job. Here are some of the best moments from my past years as a film maker.